Wagging Brands Ltd. is a pet based service and technology company that strongly believes that all animals should be able to live a happy life and be treated well.  As result it is developing a product and a free service simultaneously, one being an online subscription box service called Wagging Box and the other being a pet adoption mobile application called Wagging Pal.

The Wagging Box would be the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension the Caribbean. It would be using the best e-commerce and subscription technology on the market. The mission of The Wagging Box is to “Keep your dog happy”. The Wagging Box team comprises of pet lovers that already know exactly what other pet owners would need in order to keep their pets happy.

The Wagging Pal would also be a next generation step in the way pet shelters connect with potential pet owners. By using the latest mobile application the team behind the Wagging Pal is currently developing the first pet adoption mobile application. This application would be available on all major mobile app stores and it promises to offer the best experience to it users. The mission of the Wagging Pal is to “Find a Fluffy Pal Near You.”

Wagging Brands Ltd was Incorporated on the 26th of January 2015 under the Trinidad and Tobago Company Act 1995. Wagging Brands Ltd – Certificate of Incorporation